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Title Searches

  • The title search checks the County and State records to look for ownership interests in the property and potential liens against the property.


  • Your attorney will arrange for a title insurance agency to conduct the searches and prepare a title report.   The report will disclose all owners of the property, prior owners, property tax payment status and any liens against the property or judgments against owners that could attach to the property.    The attorney will review the report and make sure that all ownership interests and liens are property addressed so that your ownership in the property will be free and clear.


  • After closing the title insurer will issue two title insurance policies.   The Owner’s policy protects the buyers from ownership or lien claims, with insurance protection up to the sales price of the home.   The Lender’s policy provides the same protection to the mortgage lender, up to the amount of the mortgage.


  • The cost of the title searches and the premiums for the title insurance policies are paid by the buyer at closing.   

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