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  • Back title.   It would be helpful if you can provide a copy of the title insurance policy that was issued upon your purchase of the property.


  • Mortgage payoffs.  My office will obtain payoff statements for any mortgages and lines of credit.


  • Walk-through.   Performed by the buyers prior to closing.  The home should be empty and in broom-clean condition for the walk-through.


  • Utilities.  All utilities should be active at the time of the walk-through.  Do not have the water, gas, or electric service terminated until after the closing.


  • Closing Documents.  Prior to the scheduled closing date I’ll ask you to visit my office to pre-sign the documents for the closing.   If you are out of State I will make arrangements to get the documents to you to sign, notarize and return.


  • Closing figures.  Prior to the closing we will go over all of the closing figures, including mortgage payoffs, all expenses of the sale, and the final net proceeds.  

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