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Additional Lender Information

  • The home appraisal will be arranged by the mortgage lender, but will be at your cost.  The appraiser will contact your realtor for access to the home.


  • Once you have applied for your financing, do not make any changes to your financial status without speaking with your loan officer first. Do not change jobs, do not make any major purchases, do not take out any new credit, and do not allow any bills to go 30 days beyond their due dates.


  • Note:  Your lender will do additional credit and employment verifications shortly before closing.


  • When choosing a mortgage professional there is more to consider than just the interest rate.  Choose a mortgage lender that will give your transaction the attention it deserves; someone that you can reach when you need them and that will be with you through the entire transaction.  


  • If a mortgage deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.  There have been instances where lenders that quoted the lowest rates upfront will try to add in extras fees and costs at closing.  

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