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Home Inspections

Buyer’s Inspections:


  • The home inspection contingency exists to protect you from serious problems with the home, such as structural, environmental, and safety hazards.  It does not apply to minor maintenance items, cosmetic defects, or items which are simply old, if they are in proper working order


  • It is your responsibility to have the inspections performed within the contractual timeframes.  These generally would include a structural inspection, wood destroying insect inspection, and radon gas test.   I also recommend an oil tank sweep to confirm there are no underground oil tanks. Your realtor will make the arrangements for access to the home for the inspections.


  • Pool and septic inspections may also be applicable.


  • Based on the results on the initial inspection, additional testing, such as asbestos tests, mold tests, ‘level II’ chimney test, lead paint tests, may be recommended.

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