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My legal practice has had a concentration in real estate purchases and sales in NJ for over 20 years.   I have offices in Union, Hunterdon, Essex and Bergen Counties and have handled thousands of transactions all over the State.    

This handbook will give you an overview of the steps that you will go through in your real estate sale and what to expect during each step.   

I’d like to begin by sharing what I have learned to be the two essential ingredients to successful real estate transactions:  

The first is to assemble the right team of real estate professionals to guide you.  When you have a great Realtor and a great real estate attorney on your team you have vastly improved your chances of a successful, hassle-free transaction.

    The second ingredient is communication.  Regular on-going communication between you and your team of professionals will ensure that you reach your goals with a minimum of stress.

For further information, please call or visit my website:    


James M. Miner

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